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New construction and extensive renovations are ongoing and essential parts of any hotel or hospitality-related business’ plan to stay competitive in the market. In fact, a recent industry review showed that at any given time almost every hotel or restaurant in the US has recently had renovations, is under renovation, or is planning a renovation. And, new hotel and restaurant construction continues to be on the rise. But perhaps more than any other industry, the hotel/hospitality industry has special considerations while under construction. After all, your facility is your business and keeping your guests happy and free from inconveniences is what makes your operation a success.

Custom, experienced-based contracting for the hospitality industry

At J.J. Vaccaro, our vast hotel/hospitality-specific experience and track record of success has afforded us an uncommon understanding of the unique needs of the industry. From minimizing disruptions, to being responsive to timing/scheduling issues, to delivering the exceptional custom construction and finish work that will make your hotel or restaurant stand out from the crowd – all within your time frame and budget and beyond your expectations – you can count on us. For original building construction and additions as well as renovations to guest rooms, common areas, function facilities, restaurants and more, we’re your source for the high quality building solutions and attention to detail that both you and your guests are sure to notice.

Building relationships that last

J.J. Vaccaro’s relationship with many of New England’s most prominent hoteliers spans decades and covers a gamut of specialized projects – large and small. Starting in 1939 and still continuing today, J.J. Vaccaro has remodeled thousands of Sheraton guest rooms, as well as conference facilities and public areas. For Marriott, we’ve built or upgraded numerous meeting rooms, restaurants, function facilities and guest rooms. We’re proud to say that most of our hotel and hospitality business involves repeat customers. And we consider that to be the best possible testament to our skill, responsiveness and experience.