Offering experienced contracting and construction management with integrity

Welcome to J.J. Vaccaro, an experienced, highly skilled contracting and construction management company combining old world values with the state-of-the-art building methods and outstanding service that our clients need and deserve. Founded in 1929 when a handshake philosophy was the key to a company’s success, J.J. Vaccaro, Inc. continues that honest, effective approach to business today. At J.J. Vaccaro, we’ve built a long standing reputation for being as good as our word and consistently giving each job our all - and that’s why, project after project, our clients keep coming back for more.

Hotel, retail and commercial building specialists

Specializing in custom remodeling and new construction contracting throughout the hotel/hospitality, retail and commercial sectors, J.J. Vaccaro has mastered thousands of prominent projects for an impressive array of clients over our more than 80 years. And, whatever the project’s scope - from large chain superstores to trendy hotel lobby cafes to tailor-made office space build outs, and far beyond - backed by our unique experience, J.J. Vaccaro’s team has the unmatched ability to understand the work that needs to be done, offer it at the correct price and get it done well and on time.

Delivering promises – building trust

We know the key to building your trust is to deliver what we promise – and that means no hidden surprises with cost, quality or deadlines – plus dedicated, unwavering attention to detail no matter how large or small the project is. We’re a stable, customer-oriented, common sense company that will work as part of your team to ensure the process runs smoothly, including timely quoting, on demand scheduling, consistent quality, custom building solutions and more.

At J.J. Vaccaro, we love what we do and you’ll love what we build

Whether you need your project to be fast tracked, are faced with any number of special circumstances or just want the job done right, we’re the custom building specialists that you can turn to with confidence.