• About Us

Working for a company founded over 80 years ago on hard work, discipline and the determination to deliver the best for our clients, gives the J.J. Vaccaro team lofty shoes to fill. But, a shared spirit and a unique sense of enthusiasm for every job we perform make it possible for our talented team to continue the tradition today. For us, the true measure of success comes when the result of each job we take on is something that everyone is proud to have been a part of – from our team, to our clients, to the communities in which the projects were built.

At J.J. Vaccaro, we believe that in order to deliver the best, you not only have to love what you do but you also have to bring together a team with the right combination of expertise, skill and commitment, customized for each project. That’s why once we’ve analyzed what is needed for a project, we assemble the on-site “A Team” - from J.J. Vaccaro principals to hand selected high quality subs - with the understanding that everyone’s job is a crucial part of the total function.

Backed with the industry-leading knowledge we’ve gained through decades of high profile retail, hotel/hospitality and commercial sector projects, we can provide the right price and the right approach to each job. If we see that something is lacking in the plans or if there is a better way to do something, we have the expertise to provide suggestions and come up with the right answers. It’s the value engineering approach that provides the extra value when you’re working with our team.